Supporting the mental health and wellbeing of aid workers

Working towards a stronger, healthier and more resilient aid sector

Mandala Staff Support is a group of psychologists providing psychosocial support, training and resources to aid workers and their organisations. Our aim is to help build a stronger, healthier and more resilient aid sector.
Wellbeing and mindfulness

Aid Worker Wellbeing

We offer confidential counselling, debriefing, vocational counselling and crisis support services to aid workers. We also provide advice and resources to help aid workers look after their mental health and wellbeing.

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Training and advice

Support for Managers

We help managers support their staff and volunteers through training, resources and advice on topics such as psychosocial risk management, critical incident stress management, and psychosocial first aid.

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Organisational Support

We help aid organisations to develop, enhance and sustain their own in-house systems of staff support. Our services include staff support audits, policy development, psychosocial recruitment and Employee Assistance Programs.

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