History | Mandala Staff Support

Mandala Staff Support arose from the former Mandala Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation which worked from 2006 to 2017 to fulfil its mission of strengthening humanitarian action through psychosocial support.

In 2017 the Mandala Foundation board and membership endorsed the decision to transition the organisation to a new social enterprise model, positioning for sustained impact into the future.

Mandala Staff Support retains the same core team and the same commitment to working systematically to prevent, mitigate and manage psychosocial risk in the aid and development sector.

Mandala Foundation resources also remain accessible to the sector via our online hub. These resources include the Psychosocial Risk Management Tool and the Guidelines for Managing Psychosocial Risk across the Assignment Cycle.

While now a new entity, Mandala Staff Support still honours the history of Mandala Foundation in our name and logo.

In Hindu and Buddhist spiritual rituals, the mandala symbolises the interaction of elements to create a whole. In our work, the mandala symbolises our holistic approach to staff care through psychosocial support. The psychosocial approach recognises that the system that surrounds an individual is as important to maintaining mental health as personal psychological factors.

Our logo retains the traditional elements of a Tibetan mandala, and each element represents a different aspect of the staff support system.

Mandala Staff Support LogoMandala

  • The square = the field environment
  • The large circle = the organisational context
  • The triangle = the team, or project context
  • The crescent moon = the manager
  • The small circle = the individual