Social Enterprise

At Mandala Staff Support, we have a social mission, which is our commitment to helping build a stronger, healthier and more resilient aid sector.

We do this in the following ways:

  • Providing specialist psychological staff support services to aid and development workers and organisations at reduced rates, to help keep costs low for our not-for-profit partners.
  • Ensuring that resources developed by the Mandala Foundation (2006-2017) remain accessible to the aid sector. These include the Psychosocial Risk Management Tool and the Guidelines for Managing Psychosocial Risk across the Assignment Cycle.
  • Providing additional psychosocial resources to aid workers accessing our services at no-cost.
  • Delivering pro-bono advice and support for sector student groups on self-care and related staff support topics.
  • Sharing information and knowledge and advocating for mental health and wellbeing across the sector.

Being a social enterprise to us also means holding ourselves to the highest standards of ethical and accountable practice. We seek to nurture an inclusive, respectful and consultative workplace and seek to model these values across all our engagements.