Psychosocial Consultancy Services

Mandala Staff Support offers tailored consultancy services assisting humanitarian aid and development organisations to develop, enhance and sustain their own in-house systems of staff support.

Our consultancy services include:

Psychosocial risk management assessments

Our psychosocial risk assessments involve a systematic evaluation of the stressors faced by aid workers, staff and volunteers in their work.

Assessments seek to comprehensively measure the perceived psychosocial risks, organisational strengths, gaps and potential for improving staff care and psychosocial support. The assessments are interactive and driven by the actual deploying staff and volunteers.

Such systemic interventions aim to proactively reduce psychosocial risks such as burnout, psychological fatigue, post-traumatic stress and psychological injury for the humanitarian workforce.

Psychosocial recruitment services

Our psychosocial approach to recruitment can dramatically enhance candidate fit and retention.

A typical recruitment consultancy process involves:

  • Consultation to map needs and design, including an initial contextual analysis of organisation, role and location
  • Collaborative psychosocial (as well as technical) competency mapping for roles
  • Summary matrix of multiple methods for measuring each required competency
  • Design of multiple assessment activities informed by the psychosocial and technical competency requirements (which may include an assessment centre, simulations or similar)
  • Summary of indicators and observable behaviours for each activity as evidence of each required competency
  • Delivery and briefing information for observers and/or facilitators.

Recruitment consultancy activities can be tailored for groups or delivered on an individual basis in support of strengthening an organisation’s existing recruitment practice.

 See also: psychological assessment and screening for assignment.

Policy audit and development

Our policy audits assist organisations to identify strengths and weaknesses in their existing staff support policies and practices. We can make recommendations on areas for improvement and assist organisations with the development and implementation of new policies and practices.

Psychosocial preparation and injury prevention

We offer practical advice and mentoring to help organisations implement staff care programs, including hands-on preventative psychological training for managers and staff. Our training equips managers and supervisors with practical skills to help prevent psychological injury to staff and volunteers.

See also: Workshops & Training.

All our consultancy services can be tailored to meet the needs of particular organisations or groups of staff. Facilitators can travel to meet the needs of organisations in Australia or internationally. For more information on tailored consultancy options, please contact us.

Psychosocial Consultancy Services


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