Workshops & Training

Mandala Staff Support workshops aim to increase awareness and understanding of the psychosocial risks faced by aid workers on assignment while providing practical solutions for reducing stress and strengthening psychological resilience.


Our workshops are designed to meet psychosocial support needs at each stage of the assignment cycle, from recruitment and pre-assignment training through to post-assignment re-entry and adjustment.

We promote a shared responsibility model of staff support. We encourage organisations, managers and assignees to work together to promote resilience and to prevent, mitigate and manage stress. Our workshops also give special consideration to the needs of local and national staff through culturally sensitive and inclusive models of staff support.

We offer workshops for three different types of participants:

  • Organisational level: head office managers, directors, OH&S staff and policy makers
  • Manager level: HR, project and country managers
  • Aid Worker level: Aid workers, deployees and volunteers

Organisations can book tailored trainings for groups of six or more. We also offer several public workshops throughout the year – please sign-up to our newsletter to be notified of upcoming workshops.

Workshop Topics

Note: all the workshops below can be tailored to meet the needs of particular organisations or groups of staff.

Workshop Title Assignment Phase Who Should Attend
Psychosocial Staff Support Across the assignment cycle Organisation; Manager
Recruitment & Selection for International Deployments Pre-assignment Organisation; Manager
Psychosocial First Aid Skills On-assignment Organisation; Manager; Aid Worker
Managing Mental Health Issues Across the assignment cycle Manager
Psychological Preparation for International Aid Work Pre-assignment Aid Worker
Pathways to Aid Work Across the assignment cycle Aid Worker
Critical Incident Stress Management On-assignment Manager; Aid Worker
Psychosocial Briefing & Debriefing Skills Pre/post-assignment Manager
Supporting Staff Returning from Assignment Post-assignment Manager
Diagram of the assignment support cycle
Workshops and training

Workshops & Training Enquiries

To book a tailored training for a group of staff, students or volunteers, please contact us.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (+61 3) 9005 0808

To be notified of upcoming public workshops, please sign up to our newsletter.