Managing Mental Health Issues

Workshop for managers

While the psychological impact of aid work can be high, managers can help reduce the risk to their staff and volunteers by being aware of common mental health issues in the sector and implementing practical support strategies.

Workshop Overview

This one day workshop provides managers with an interactive opportunity to learn how to better respond to mental health issues experienced by both expatriate and national staff.

Participants will explore case studies including, for example, sexual assault, anxiety caused by team conflicts, traumatic experiences and the impact of isolation and fatigue. They will develop an understanding of the particular aspects of humanitarian work that can be triggering or protective factors. Substance abuse and suicidality will also be explored.

Participants will learn strategies to assist in promoting mental health and wellbeing in the workplace and the importance of supporting mental health with strong management policy and protocols.

The workshop will be facilitated through case study and discussion activities.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is recommended for project/field managers, country managers and HR managers.

Workshop Objectives

Participants who complete this workshop will:

  • Better understand concepts of mental health and mental illness
  • Examine mental health issues in the humanitarian sector and in cross-cultural settings
  • Consider strategies and approaches that managers can employ to support staff when mental health issues arise
  • Identify organisational policies and protocols that strengthen the prospect of good mental health and wellbeing in the workplace


Mental health, stress and anxiety
Workshop Facilitator:

Iris Trapman, Psychologist & Cultural Anthropologist, Mandala Staff Support


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