Pathways to Aid Work

Workshop for individual aid workers

The humanitarian aid and development sector is complex and finding an entry point can be daunting, especially when ‘prior experience’ is often the catch-cry. So how do you get a foot in the door?

Workshop Overview

This workshop is designed to provide students and others considering a career in the humanitarian sector with a thorough understanding of the current vocational landscape, in order to chart an effective vocational pathway that balances both experience and aspiration.

The workshop will provide insight into the range of organisations involved in humanitarian aid and development and the type of characteristics and competencies often required of successful candidates. It will focus on common entry-level employment opportunities and training options, and address how participants can most efficiently access these.

The workshop will be highly interactive with opportunities for participants to work on their current CVs and job applications. Participants will also undertake a number of self-assessment activities designed to assist them to identify their skills, interests, aptitudes and values and how to best match these to relevant projects and organisations.

Whether you are just embarking on your career, have experience and want to make a meaningful change or simply want to take a year or two out to volunteer your time in the area of aid and development, this workshop will provide you with the information and tools you require.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is aimed at students and others wishing to pursue a career in the humanitarian aid or development field, or contemplating making a career change in this direction.

Workshop Objectives

Participants who complete this workshop will:

  • Gain insight into the current vocational landscape and the range of work experience options available, both paid and unpaid
  • Learn which skills and competencies are often required to be successful in humanitarian aid and development roles
  • Develop self-assessment strategies to identify their existing strengths, skills, experiences and areas for improvement
  • Learn how to tailor their CVs and cover letters to best showcase their skills and demonstrate alignment with key selection criteria
  • Develop a tailored pathway towards meeting their career objectives in the humanitarian aid and development sector
AVID (Australian Volunteers for International Development) photo display at 2012 Vocations in Aid conference.
Workshop Facilitator:

Di Rachinger, Senior Psychologist, Mandala Staff Support


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